Internal screenshots come and go, but they’re certainly a great way to find out which devices are making their way in and out of Verizon’s inventory at any given time. Thanks to a tipster sending in some digital screens of Verizon’s inventory, we’ve got a bit more details about the plenty-rumored upcoming Droid devices. Unfortunately, no pictures of the handsets, or anything we can actually sink our teeth into, but some info is better than nothing, right?

The Motorola Droid Pro, which ranks in the upper-class with a 4-inch touchscreen display, will also feature a 1.3GHz processor under the hood, if it does turn out that this device is, in fact, coming to retail later this year. According to this new leak, it will also have world-phone capabilities, too. Speaking of world-phones, apparently the Droid 2 is going World Edition. In fact, it’s getting a bit of an aesthetic face-lift, too, as it will get two new color options: black and white. The Droid 2 World Edition is actually supposed to come out very soon, so we’re looking forward to seeing the leaked shots of that.

As for the Droid tablet, apparently it’s model number is MZ600. Coincidentally enough, as you can see from the image above, that model number has already been tied to a codename: STINGRAY. There’s actually still some speculation about whether or not the tablet is a real device — rumors suggest it has a 7-inch display, while others think it will be smaller, and be more like a MID, rather than a tablet. Either way, the tipster says that Verizon has 170,000 of the MZ600 (Stingray) on order. Would you buy a tablet, or handset, if it were named Stingray?

[via SlashGear]