Hey, guess what? The Droid 2 is coming. Crazy, right? You didn’t even see that one coming, did you? Insane times we live in, folks. As you can see from the images below, that’s the Droid 2. From Motorola. The one that’s the true successor to the original Droid, and the device that’s supposed to be launching on August 12th. Or some time around that, anyway. We don’t know when it’s launching because Verizon still hasn’t officially announced the device.

But, there it is. Plain as day. With its updated slide-out full QWERTY keyboard, its Motoblur User Interface skin, and the same look and feel as the original Droid (with some obvious tweaks). And yet, despite the fact it’s showing up in Best Buy Mobile stores, in all of its dummy phone fashion, Verizon still hasn’t let a peep out. Let’s go, Verizon. Start peeping — give us something we can actually call “official.” And not “officially leaked.” Thanks.

[via Engadget]