When it comes to a leak, the best way to get your information is right from the source. And, thanks to some informants within Best Buy, it looks like we’ve got another flag for the release date of the Motorola Droid 2. You know the one — it keeps getting leaked all over the place. And, we’ll go ahead and say that, while we knew the launch of the Droid 2 was going to be “quiet,” considering we’re only six days away from its supposed release into the world, it’s way too quiet.

According to a source handing out information to Boy Genius Report, Best Buy systems are tagging the release date of the Droid 2. If this had been the first time to hear this, we may have been skeptical. But let’s face it: if it doesn’t launch on August 12th, that’s when we’ll be surprised. In any event, there’s not much more to go on here, other than pure hopes and dreams that Verizon actually confirms something about this phone.

[Update]We’ve got a picture, finally, thanks to Droid-Life. Looks like we can basically say this is confirmed, yeah? Oh, and there’s the standard comparison shot below that, from Engadget.

[via BGR]