Some new images have leaked of what appears to be the next powerhouse from Motorola headed to AT&T. At first glance it looks like the Motorola Atrix but once you look a bit closer it is in fact different. What we have is a device branded for AT&T and sporting what appears to e a 4.3″ screen (Atrix was 4.0″) and the display seems to have contoured glass sort of like the G2x, it has a bubble look to it you can clearly see in the picture below. Is this a new screen type, could this be a 720p HD Atrix?

You can see it’s running Android 2.3 Gingerbread from the top and it appears to also be running Moto’s latest attempt at a UI or Moto Blur some of you might prefer to call it. The camera has been upgraded to 8MP versus the 5MP on the Atrix and they’ve removed that fingerprint scanner that no one used anyways. From initial photos the device looks very nice, has a front facing camera and a sleek design. At least they aren’t blurrycam photos right?

This is just breaking so we don’t have anything official to go on, some are reporting the screen to be a HD 720p display but with no official details we can’t really speculate too far on that. The bottom bezel is tiny and looks very similar to the HTC Sensation design. The rear cover has the same look and design as the original Atrix so that is where we are getting the Atrix 2. It may not be a huge step up from the original Atrix but Motorola is known for releasing minor upgrades like the Droid X2. If it indeed does have a different processor, possible a OMAP 4 as well as a higher resolution screen then I can see it being worth it, or maybe a super secret quad core CPU.

Check out the rest of the photos below in the gallery as well as even more at the source. Interesting device indeed.

[via Unwired View]