Shocking: the Android 2.2 update for the original Droid is all messed up. We’d say that we saw this one coming, but we imagine that would be a pretty big understatement. Though, it shouldn’t be all that surprising. Considering the work that had to go into the Droid’s Android 2.1 update, and the time they had to get that out, it would have been almost miraculous to see Motorola/Verizon get an update like 2.2 out in as little time as they suggested they could.

That “unknown bug” that’s been apparently marring the FRG01B update? Apparently it’s big enough that Motorola has decided to pull the process, and they are apparently now waiting until August 12th to start it up again. That’s strange. Isn’t there something else happening on the 12th? Oh, yeah, that’s right. The release of the Droid 2! Which happens to be launching with Android 2.2. There are a lot of coincidences running around these days, folks.

Anyway, if the FRG01B has been pulled, and the OTA update scrapped for now, then it’ll definitely be the FRG22 version that gets installed on your device later this month, some time. Though, there are still some reports that contradict this rumor, saying that folks, as of right now, are still getting the FRG01B update. And, if the MyDroidWorld story checks out, and FRG01B isn’t working with Flash 10.1, then it would make even more sense that they’d wait for FRG22. So many numbers, versions, and so little time!

Did you get the update? Let us know!

[via MyDroidWorld]