The Motorola Defy is known for it’s “ultra rugged” design making it “virtually lifeproof.” Now most phones are usually a little bit more generous in their advertising campaigns claiming things that are only borderline true. But with it’s unique rugged outer shell and Gorilla Glass Display, it is truly proving to be a very durable device.

We got our Motorola Defy and we wanted to test to what extent it’s resistance to water. What better to test this than throwing it in a pool and examining the results. That’s exactly what we did, and the best part- we caught it on video for your viewing pleasure.


Even the dropping in the pool didn’t harm the device, because it’s ultra rugged! This was the Motorola DEFY alone, no cases or anything. Looking pretty impressive, this is one of the first phones that brings durability and doesn’t look like it belongs on a construction site.

Our official review of the device should be coming here shortly, too- so keep an eye out for that in the coming days!