There are just devices that simply refuse to die, mainly because they have great hardware foundations that are able to run operating systems much higher than the ones they were released with. The Motorola Defy is one such phone (along with the Samsung Galaxy S and the HTC HD2), which was initially released with Android 2.1 , now is getting support for an Android 5.0 port.

The Motorola Defy debuted in September 2010, and it’s crazy to think that it’s already considered ancient at this point four years hence. It’s got a sturdy single core Cortex-A8 processor that runs at 800Mhz with 512MB RAM and 2GB internal storage, and it was one of the first batch of phones to get Corning Gorilla Glass for for screen protection.

Over the years, the Motorola Defy has gotten good development support from third party developers who took it up to Android 4.4 (through CM11). Who would have thought that in just a few weeks, we will be seeing a Motorola Defy being booted with Android Lollipop? XDA developer Quarx has shown us some screenshots on how it looks like.

If you a Motorola Defy lying around, then you might want to check out the official XDA thread for the development of CM11 ROMs for this device here to check the development progress. It shouldn’t take long before a full blown Android Lollipop ROM would be available for the Motorola Defy.