After that leak yesterday of the Milestone, Motorola has come out and announced it along with another rugged handset called the DEFY. The DEFY is another MOTOBLUR device that is supposed to be able to handle normal every day environments that you throw at it. It is dust proof, water resistant, and the display has superior scratch protection.

The display is WVGA at the size of 3.7 inches, along with a 5 megapixel camera on back that has, digital zoom, autofocus, and flash. Motorola has also said they have put in twin microphones for their CrystalTalk PLUS DSP technology, for those days where you are trying to talk in the rain or wind storm with this water resistant device. Adobe Flash Lite will be equipped in the browser and it will be DLNA enabled to help connect and share with the world around you. So if you are wanting one of these devices they should be out soon enough to get them added on your Christmas list.

[via SlashGear]