Motorola has pushed the latest update for Connect. This time around the update deals with the Android version found in the Google Play Store and the Chrome version found in the Chrome Web Store. Key with this update, Motorola Connect users are getting MMS support.

Essentially, it looks like Motorola is trying to attract new users with new features. In the past the Connect setup allowed users to deal with calls, text messages and Hangouts messages. As of this update Connect users will have MMS messaging and group messaging. Specifically, the ability to receive and reply to MMS messages, and also receive and reply to group messages.

Motorola also noted improved contact matching and phone number format as being included with this update. Of course, perhaps the real key here is the heart of the Motorola Connect app — the ability to read and respond to messages coming to your cellphone — from your computer. Bottom line here, Connect is a good option for those regularly sitting in front of a computer.

The Motorola Connect app can be found in the Google Play Store, and also in the Chrome Web Store. The most recent update is already available in both locations, however those with the app/extension already installed may want to launch the respective app store on their device/computer and simply check for updates.