We know that today will be the day Motorola officially unveils the Moto X smartphone. We are expecting plenty of details about the handset itself, but it appears as if Motorola also had some other plans in mind. These others seems to have arrived a bit ahead of the handset announcement and have landed in the Chrome Web Store and the Google Play Store as the Motorola Connect and Motorola Migrate apps.

The Motorola Connect app is available by way of the Chrome Web Store where it is shown to have support for the Moto X as well as the DROID ULTRA, MAXX and MINI smartphones that were recently announced for Verizon Wireless. The Connect app is currently sitting at version 1.0 and it will allow users to send and receive text messages from their computer. Aside from the text message support, you can also use Connect to see who is calling before even reaching for your handset.

While the Connect app is focused on use, the Migrate app is focused on getting started. The Migrate app will work with devices running Android 2.2 Froyo or later and will transfer some of your content from your old smartphone. The app will be able to move your images and videos as well as the contacts stored on your SIM card, your call history and your text message history. Or as Motorola seems to be touting, Migrate will allow you to transfer this data “in just a few steps, wirelessly.”

So far it looks like a few Moto X items have been revealed this morning. Needless to say, we suspect Motorola may have a bit more to say about both Connect and Migrate during the event which will kick off a bit later today. And remember, we will be live on-site to bring you the latest official news as it it announced. We can only hope that Motorola unveils enough to put an end to these Moto X related rumors and leaks. By that we are looking not only for details on the handset itself, but also in terms of carriers, release dates and pricing.

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SOURCE: Chrome Store, Google Play Store