If you find yourself in Canada, then you know that you’re Android offerings may not have started off all that well, but it’s certainly getting better. Now, for those of you on the Telus network (or thinking about switching), you have one more option to choose from. Telus has just made official its offering of the Motorola Charm, the little Motoblur-fused device that also has some other interesting features, at least in the hardware department.

First off, it’s the first device running Android (to actually come to market) that’s equipped more like a BlackBerry than a traditional Android smartphone. Featuring a full, physical QWERTY keyboard right on the front, with capacitive touch buttons right above that for Home, Menu, and Back, the Charm definitely stands out amongst its Android brethren. Also, it has a trackpad on the back of the device, much like Motorola’s other Android offering, the Backflip (which launched on AT&T awhile back). It features a QVGA display (and it is a touchscreen), integrated WiFi, Bluetooth, 3G, and GPS, and has a 3MP camera on the back.

Software wise, it’s launching with Android 2.1 — so that’s good news. Unfortunately, there’s no word on when yu should expect to get upgraded to Android 2.2. Or, truth be told, if you’ll be getting upgraded. However, with the update to 2.1, it does bring some new features to the customized User Interface. For example, you can resize widgets, whenever you want. Price wise, you’re looking at $29.99 for a three year, new contract. Or, if you want to buy it out-right, that’ll run you a cool $249.99. Worth the price? Probably.

[via TELUS]