We all know Android is set to be an open platform, but in the end it’s the hardware manufacturer that makes the decision to just how open. And Motorola has been pretty open with their strong stance on rooting and custom ROMs on their devices, and now they have stated that if you want to root, “buy elsewhere.”

These comments were made on the official YouTube page for the upcoming Atrix ad – first the question/comment, then Motorola’s reply:

Even though this phone seems to have the best hardware specs yet, no sale if the bootloader is locked like the Motorola Milestone I have. It’s really upsetting to not be able to put custom roms on MY device…

Please Moto, do the right thing. [For your customers, that is]

“@tdcrooks if you want to do custom roms, then buy elsewhere, we’ll continue with our strategy that is working thanks”

This is a pretty bold move on Motorola’s part, and honestly this is not how a company should interact with its users no matter how true the statements are. What do you think about Motorola’s stance on rooting and ROMs? Do you think these comments were necessary? Take a peek at the thread started in the Android Central forums [here] and tell us what you think of the situation.

[Via Android Central]