Motorola has begun teasing the second video short for the Spotlight Player app. Given this is an app we haven’t been hearing about very often, we should offer the reminder about it being available only for the Moto X. Having said that, those users should be on the lookout for Buggy Night, which is brought to you by Mark Oftedal.

This release should be arriving on your Moto X sooner rather than later. For now though, Motorola has released the trailer, which can be seen sitting below. Otherwise, the teaser line that came along with the trailer brings mention of how; the hunt is on when the sun goes down on Jon Klassen’s forest.

Simply calling these video shorts may be a bit of an understatement. To that point, Motorola touts these as being “the end of flat mobile content” and has them coming by way of the Advanced Technology and Projects (ATAP) group. The Spotlight Player is further described as using the “latest advances in 3D graphics to deliver immersive and interactive stories in real-time.”

Or in simpler terms, these shorts give the user control of the camera so they can explore. It should also be mentioned that Moto X users will need to be on WiFi to use the app.

Looking back, the last from the Spotlight Player arrived in October 2013. That one was called Windy Day, and was created by Jan Pinkava, of Pixar fame. With that, if you have the Motorola Spotlight Player already installed, fire up the Play Store and check for the update. Those who removed the app, you will be able to find it using this Google Play Store link.

SOURCE: +Motorola