It’s understandable that owners of the original Moto X – that is, the one of 2013 fame and not the 2014 flagship – feel a little bit abandoned since there is very little news coming from Motorola if Android Lollipop is ever coming to the older Moto X. Of course, Lollipop has already made it to the 2014 version, but it seems like a bit of good news is at hand – a Lollipop soak test is apparently ongoing for the original Moto X.

Motorola employee Luciano Carvalho has confirmed that the test is indeed going on, and answered a few questions on his Google+ profile. “Is it true that the user test phase started for the original Moto X?” he wrote. “Well, that was supposed to be a secret, but who am I kidding, this is the internet, and as per the screenshots and articles out already, you know it’s true.”


This is great news for those awaiting the arrival of Android 5.0 to the older mobile phone. Carvalho also intimated that it will most likely be Android 5.0.2 that will cascade down to the 2013 Moto X, and not the latest and greatest Android 5.1.

It was a long wait, but we expect the update to be rolled out in short order from Motorola, unless the soak test throws up some hideous bug or anything like that. We hope you 2013 Moto X users are excited.

SOURCE: Luciano Carvalho