Well that didn’t take long. AT&T has announced that the Motorola Atrix update we reported this morning is now official and out of Beta. Not only that, but there’s not one, but two updates. Firmware updates 4.1.57 and 4.1.83 offer improved battery life, multimedia with Bluetooth and other headsets, 2G/EDGE mobile hotspot capability, better data speed, Yahoo e-mail over WiFi and numerous other tweeks. The Atrix display will also now turn off while charging from a wall charger.

To update your Atrix phone, AT&T advises connecting to a WiFi hotspot or private WiFi network. Users will then receive an OTA update notification. Select “Download” and then “Install Now” once the download has completed. The Atrix will automatically restart. Please note that if not connected via Wi-Fi, users will not be able to start the download.

Should users be unable to update their phones, AT&T advises to verify WiFi connection and then disable WiFi settings under the Wireless and Networks tab. Then re-enable WiFi settings and reboot. Then reconnect and try again. If users need additional assistance, contact AT&T. Thanks to Zack at Droid-Life for the heads up!

[via AT&T Support]