Our good pal Daniel is back to present the world with another “Mobile Minute” courtesy of the AT&T Social Media Team. This method for showing off Android smartphones was last used on the similar, but not the same, HTC Inspire 4G. In this video series the main fellow Daniel takes exactly 60 seconds to explain the phone at hand, making it extremely simple for basically anyone to understand what makes the phone great and worth buying. Daniel, you want a job at Android Community?

In this video, Daniel notes that the Atrix 4G has a 4 inch qHD display and weighs in at 4.8 ounces. This phone has a 2×1 GHz dual-core processor which Daniel says is “a first in the US.” It has 16 GB of onboard memory, upgradable by 48 GB by microSD card. Dual-mic noise reduction technology is in place to ensure excellent recording and call quality, and the phone runs on Android 2.2 Froyo with a Motoblur overlay. Atrix 4G has Flash installed, an onscreen QWERTY keyboard with SWYPE.

The phone has fingerprint and security unlock modes as well as employing another “first in the US” feature: webtop application and entertainment center via the HD multimedia dock and laptop dock. Mobile hotspot can be set up to connect other devices to the internet via wifi “as long as they have the correct data plan.” The device has DLNA technology allowing the user to stream content wirelessly from itself over to other DLNA compatible devices. On the back of the Atrix 4G is a 5 megapixel camera with LED flash, on the front is a secondary camera of unknown proportions for video chat.

Check out the full video here:




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