As Motorola is prone to do, they’ve released a lovely introduction video to their newest smartphone, the Atrix 4G. It makes us feel like there’s more to this phone than just a speedy experience. In fact, they do say it’s the WORLDS most POWERFUL smartphone, so we hope to see that backed up, but this commercial shows more than just a phone, it shows a host of docks into which the phone will be able to be plugged, including most importantly behind a PC and in front of a giant television.

You’ll find yourself flying through the air and grabbing a nice pillow and your rock and roll shoes as you see all the not-quite-specific things the Atrix 4G will be able to do. What do you think – is this the Speedy Gonzolez Hulk Crusher for you?


  1. Why exactly is it claiming to be the world’s first dual core phone? Doesn’t that belong to LG? Non the less, excellent hardware. While the whole docking system may seem gimmicky now I can see it catching on in the future.


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