A teaser for this sassy commercial was shown at CES 2011, but heck, if you weren’t there, you didn’t get that good a look at it. This video shows a dude stepping up to an Airport terminal and putting his phone down on the conveyer belt to be xray scanned. The officer in charge of scanning looks at him with THE EVIL EYE. The guy doesn’t even care. He walks through security like a smooth cat. The officer scans the phone and WHAT THE!? Oh my gosh what in the world, that is so wacky!

The phone is a laptop? Oh my gosh that is crazy. The idea is that the Motorola Atrix is as powerful as a bigger computer you’d have to carry in a backpack is what they’re trying to get across here. “The World’s Most Powerful Smartphone.” That’s what’s up. Take a peek at the video here:

And don’t think you’ll get kind of look from an officer in an airport and walk away so sly in real life. You’d be bagged – and – tagged.

[Via ShareMoto]


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