The Motorola Atrix has been officially announced to the world. Being one of the only “jaw dropping” devices at this year’s CES it’s an incredibly innovative device.

Being touted as “The Worlds Most Powerful Smartphone,” the device will allow the user to dock into both a larger display and laptop case, and with it’s full onboard RAM, it definitely has the power to be a true laptop/desktop/tablet replacement. Once docked the user will presented with the Motorola WebTop UI and we went hands-on with both the device and its laptop dock.

The device is proving to be very impressive. From what we saw, it not only is impressive software wise, the hardware on the device is top-notch.

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  1. I hope the GPS and other such peripheral hardware that plays a huge part in the functionality of Android on the device actually works (unlike the craptivate)…

  2. Great device. It must be the same idiots that worked at Apple, that now work for Motorola, that are so in love with ATT. Same problem, great product but few will want it with the drag of ATT !

  3. At&t is loosing exclusivity of iphone and being replaced by the Atrix. Seems like a pretty unfair trade to me. For Apple.
    I’m eyeing the Droid Bionic. Hopefully Moto allows it some of the same cool features as the Atrix.
    I was realy hoping Vzw wasn’t going to get the iphone, but it looks inevitable at this point…

  4. @rlwatts:

    The way it probably worked was that during development, Motorola offered different phones it was working on to the major carriers, and AT&T selected this one while VzW (for reasons only it knows) selected the second-fiddle Bionic. Surprising given the enterprise markets VzW is trying to sell to with its new security and management framework, but I guess they have their share of idiots, too.

  5. I am a little confused…Is it a dual processor at 1ghz or a 1 ghz processor with 2 cores? He said it like there were 2 processor..

  6. So I am glad that ATT will be getting such a great phone. They really didn’t have another phone other than the iPhone that was impressive. My iPhone’s contract will be up in Feb so I will be looking for what to replace it with because the Novelty of the iPhone ran out about 18 months ago. (6 mths into the contract).

    For all you ATT haters out there I really don’t see why. Over 6 years with them and no dropped calls ever well maybe 2 or 3 over that period. I drive between D.C. and Allentown all the time and it by far has had the best service.

    Compare that with my brothers phone on Verizon that drops into no man’s land when we make the trek from Allentown to Pittsburgh while I never lose signal. In fact I can watch a netfilx video while en route. (He gets very jealous with that.) Granted I have my phone Jailbroken and have it tethered to my laptop for a larger screen but he needs to tether his phone as well but from experience the netflix hangs due to service drop outs so we just use my iPhone.

    My favorite thing with ATT is my ability to be talking on the phone and sending out emails at the same time. Verizon from what my brother said doesn’t allow you to do such a simple thing.

    I gave you my opinion bu am interested in the reasons behind why people bash on ATT.

    • I’m right there with you man. I’ve never had any issue with at&t using my iPhone 4, but cant wait to go back to android with this bad boy of a device. The specs are crazy. I already preordered about 5 hours ago. Now its just going to suck waiting a month to get it lol all I gotta say is, ” anyone wanna buy an iPhone 4?” Lol

  7. why say Motorola Atrix beating Iphone 4 in Markeet. because they have reason for this
    – cheaper to make (does not mean it’s cheaper to sell, for some reason anything related to telcos is over-priced..)
    – lasts much longer on a battery
    – thinner
    – lighter (if they didn’t put such heavy metals in the laptop dock)
    – more secure
    – faster than intel atom (if they used a faster processor than Tegra2, with more memory bandwidth, such as Exynos 4210, OMAP4430 or ST-Ericsson U8500)
    – more simple, all your data is always there and synchronized
    – much lower power consumption, save money on power, save the earth eventually, using this type of laptop should become mandatory
    – unbloated, no more crappy software that crashes and fills with viruses and malware (would be better if it “simply” ran Honeycomb with that Chrome browser inside and optimized for laptop use)
    – instant boot, no more waiting
    – seamless resume of multimedia playback on different screen
    – there is more..

    I think Motorola did a great thing to releasing this product.


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