The latest update for the Motorola Assist app has arrived in the Play Store this afternoon. This one will benefit those carrying a Moto X, or one of the newer devices in the DROID family. Perhaps equally important here, this Assist update is focused on driving with highlights going to incoming SMS, your favorite music app and driving detection.

To begin with, Motorola has said they improved driving detection. This update also means users will be able to reply to any incoming SMS messages with your voice. The app, while driving, will also be able to automatically launch your favorite music app. While the first of these three changes is behind the scenes, the remaining two can be configured by launching the Assist app.

Once you launch the app you will see the “Driving, Stay focused on the road” section. Tapping that to expand will present you with options for Talk to me and Play music. The talk to me is for text messages and after enabling it with a check, you will be able to choose between options for Voice Reply (Send a text using only your voice), Do Not Reply, or Quick Reply. There is a default for that last option, however the message can easily be customized.

The Play Music option works for those using a Bluetooth or wired headphone (aux) jack while in the car. More important here, you can choose which app Assist will launch. The Google Play Music app is on the list, as well are any and all of the third party audio apps you have installed on your handset.

Bottom line here, this may not be the most exciting update for Assist, but it is one that addresses an often complained about topic — using your smartphone while driving. For that, it seems this update is one many will want to grab and check out sooner rather than later.

SOURCE: Google Play Store