Motorola continues to get new partners to create new Moto Mods for their Moto Z series. The newest one that they have announced is perfect for those who love taking pictures and then printing them and scrapbooking them or giving them away. The partnership this time is with Polaroid, who are also trying to make a comeback in this digital market. The Polaroid Insta-Share Moto Mod turns your Moto Z device not just into a camera but a photo printer as well.

Using it is actually pretty easy, especially if you’re already used to snapping on mods on your Moto Z smartphone. Just put on the Insta-Share Moto Mod and click the button (an actual, physical button) so you can launch the camera. Take a picture and right then and there, you can print it already into the 2×3” Zero-Ink Paper that comes with the mod. You can also choose to print photos from your Facebook and Instagram accounts, and also Google Photos.

If you want to tweak your photo a bit before printing, you can edit it and even add some customization options like filters, borders, and texts. You can use the photos as party favors, add it to your mood board and journal, or use as gift tags this coming Christmas season. The photo paper has an adhesive back so you can just peel it and stick it anywhere you want.

You can now pre-order the Polaroid Insta-Share Moto Mod through the Motorola online store and through Verizon. It will cost you $199.99 or for as low as $11.11 per month through their financing program. Of course it is only compatible with any of the Moto Z smartphones.

SOURCE: Motorola