Motorola has announced they will be bringing Moto Maker to the world. Via Twitter, Motorola noted their intent to make device customization available outside of the US. One planned rollout spot isn’t far from home, while the other will likely take a little extra time for customers to receive their handsets.

The newly-acquired OEM says Moto Maker will come to Mexico and Western Europe in the second quarter of this year. Keeping in mind Mexico is just south of the Texas facility where the devices are assembled, that’s a natural distribution avenue. Trucking handhelds to a country the US has open trade routes with is one thing. Overseas shipping can be another.

Timeliness of delivery is one thing to consider with Europe. We enjoy a pretty quick turnaround in the US, but European orders could see a delay. Motorola was also not forthcoming about which countries in Western Europe will be getting the ability to customize their handsets, but it’s Twitter — we’ll forgive that for now.

It should be said that outside of simply telling us it’s going to happen, we don’t know much. Will Moto build another facility elsewhere in Europe? We don’t know just yet, but we do like that those interested outside the US can now customize their handsets. We’ve long been a fan of the program, and it really puts Motorola on the world’s stage — where they belong.