Motorola has uploaded yet another one of its essential Moto apps to Google Play Store. Despite that, Motorola Alert, like the other Moto apps, is compatible only with Motorola’s smartphones, specifically the newly revealed Moto E.

Motorola Alert’s functionality is quite simple. When activated, it will periodically send notifications that include your whereabouts to a curated list of contacts, presumably made up of your family and friends. This kinds of emergency notification system is helpful in times when a plain phone call or text message just isn’t enough, or isn’t even safe. You can even designate certain places in the app, like Home, School, Work, and others and it will automatically notify contacts when you leave or enter those areas, which is a good way for parents to keep tabs on their kids.

While Motorola Alert is available for free on Google Play Store, for now it only works on the Moto E, which might be cheap and rugged enough to be a young one’s smartphone. The app could, however, soon be available on the higher end Moto X and the budget Moto G as well, though Motorola has give no schedule for that yet.

Download: Motorola Alert on Google Play Store