Motorola has rolled out the latest update for Active Display. The update is live in the Play Store and while this isn’t a huge update with tons of new features, it does bring one important important change — a speed improvement. According to details coming from Motorola, this one is just about saving the user a few extra seconds.

To that point, the changelog makes mention of Motorola fixing the bug that “caused the 1-2 second delay seen when swiping down or up to unlock from the Active Display screen.” Otherwise, there was mention of this update being available only for for devices running Android 4.4 Kit Kat. Though, given how we have seen Motorola make quick work of the Moto X Kit Kat update — that shouldn’t be much of an issue.

If nothing else, it may give reason for those who had been holding back to move forward with the update. After all, we generally welcome any update that brings speed improvements. The Active Display update can be grabbed by visiting the Play Store on your device. Or alternatively, the Motorola Active Display app can be seen using this Google Play Store link.

As for Kit Kat on the Moto X, the latest carrier was US Cellular. Before them, we also saw the update arrive for AT&T users, T-Mobile users and in a strange twist with Android updates — Verizon was quick out of the gate this time. But regardless of carrier, if you happen to be carrying a Moto X, there really isn’t much of a reason to not be running Kit Kat at this point.