There’s an update to the pricing on the Motorola Xoom tablet that captured everyone’s imagination at CES.  Originally, we reported that it may comein at just under $700,  Well, it’s a bit pricer, as Droid Life has confirmed with the circular below that the price for the Xoom will be a hundred bucks more at $799,  But it gets worse as Motorola is holding customers hostage with a must have data plan to unlock WiFi …

It’s insidious, really.  Best Buy or Motorola will refuse to unlock the WiFi capabilty of the Xoom unless users sign up for the “optional” Verizon data plan at $20 a month with a one month minimum.  Users are free to cancel anytime after that first month.  But why not just charge $20 more and be done with it?  Oh yeah, because at $800 it’s an obscene price point to begin with.

The Xoom will be available at Best Buy beginning Thursday, February 24th.

[via Droid Life]


  1. Seriously? You have to buy another product to open a major functionality of the overpriced tablet? And I thought Apple was the techno-gangsta. We have a new gangsta partnership on the block – their names are Verizon and Motorola.

  2. If this thing is not heavily subsidized, no one will buy it. how do they expect to compete with the ipad if people have to spend $300 more just to get one.

    I might pass this up in favor of the LG G Slate if t-mobile has a subsidized price.

    $800 is way too much money, especially if they start doing what Apple does and release a “next gen” device every year.

  3. They shot themselves in the foot again ! I hope they watch the cob webs grow on the stacks of them and wonder did we make a boo boo!


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