This is good news for most Moto Android users and not so much for others. This document was found on Motorola website and it lists when the 2.1 update will be pushed out to all of their current Android handsets. From the sheet, the Droid OTA’s is currently in the process and there is more after the break.

If you recently purchased a Devour, there is currently no update in sight for you. This is probably due to the fact that the device is new on the market. I suspect it will be updated around the same time as the Backflip which is scheduled for a Q3 release. The Cliq and the Cliq XT is scheduled for a Q2 OTA, we are currently almost in the midway point of Q2, and hopefully 2.1 will be pushed out to the Cliq soon. All these dates could be pushed back even further, Motorola isn’t exactly the best at handling updates.

[via motorola]


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