The Moto Z3 is getting a follow-up. It will be the Moto Z4 that will have different variants. We have yet to see the next-gen Z series but before it’s announced, we hope to see the 5G Moto Mod of the Moto Z3 first. We have no idea when it will roll out and we’re more than curious now about the 5G plans of the company. The Verizon Moto Z3 is said to have the 5G Moto Mod. The carrier’s 5G network is almost ready so maybe, just maybe, the Moto Mod 5G will be ready too.

The 5G mobile era is about to start as networks in the US and South Korea have been pushing for its early rollout. Verizon’s will go live this year. The Moto Z3 will be the first, or at least, one of the few to have access to 5G.

Android 9.0 for the Moto Z3 is coming soon. It will arrive with 5G support which is a clear sign the Moto Mod is almost ready. A release note on a support site for Motorola shows a “Support 5G through 5G moto mod” reference.

As with other Android Pie updates, this one will deliver new emojis, notification enhancements, better audio controls, UI changes, adaptive battery and brightness, new settings, and several security enhancements.

The Moto Z3 is only one of the few phones we know will boast 5G support. It will be followed by other 5G phones from Samsung, Huawei, OnePlus, and Xiaomi.

VIA: Droid Life