Motorola may have yet to announce the Moto Z3 Play but we already know the Moto Z series is eligible to receive the Android P update. Well, at least, unofficially. One XDA dev managed to boot the Android P on the device by taking apart Google Pixel XL’s system image. With a few tweaks here and there, the Moto Z was able to run the ROM with Android P. It’s not a perfect release because of some errors but those have been fixed and the dev is more confident to share his work to more people.

The Moto Z on Android P now has most hardware features working without any problem. There may be apparent issues like the stock flashlight toggle not working, the absence of encryption, and the second SIM not working. The Moto Z works with a Moto Mod but note the Moto Battery Mod doesn’t work at all in Efficiency mode.

The Android P Developer Preview 1 is ready for some devices but this one is unofficial for the Moto Z. There will be bugs but they shouldn’t be a hindrance to your checking out the smartphone running Android P. It’s only a preview version but you’ll get to have a feel of the new Android dessert.

VIA: XDA Developers