A new study shows that the Moto X just might be the best phone where it matters. In an in-depth study by Signal Research that dealt with network connectivity, the Moto X outperformed all others tested. The group was comprised of several top-tier smartphones from top Android OEMs. The problem, however, were the networks, as tested.

 Aside from the Moto X, the group also included the Galaxy S4 and Galaxy Note 2. Outside of Samsung, there was the HTC One, and even the LG G2. All really great devices, and all worthy of praise. So how did the Moto X beat them in a network test? It may not have even been the devices that ge the credit.

The Moto X was tested on the Verizon network, and the rest on AT&T. Though all used the 700MHz band each carrier utilizes, the fact remains that they were not sampled on an even playing field. Though the CEO of Signal Research, Michael Thelander, claims the test would have worked out the same had they actually been on the same network, it casts a huge shadow on the testing.


Verizon uses band 13, while AT&T uses band 17 of the 700MHz spectrum. “I’m confident that if we had tested a Moto X phone that supported Band 17 in Band 17 that the results would be largely the same” Thelander said. the problem however, is that they weren’t.

Though he might be right, and the Moto X just might edge out the others in level field testing, it just doesn’t pan out here. All the devices tested are available via either carrier, so there is no reason the test couldn’t have been done on one network. We won’t call it biased, but we do consider it sloppy not to make sure the devices all had the same signal, on the same network, at the same time.