The Moto X Pure Edition is about to get a taste of the new chunky dessert. Android 7.0 Nougat is now available for the old device. Release notes are also now up on Lenovo’s Mobile Support site. This means the Motorola smartphone will finally get the Nougat improvements and several new features like better notification controls, enhanced data saver, improved battery life, Quick switch between apps, Multi-window view, and Work mode.

Android Nougat offers a more convenient multitasking with quick switch and multi-window view. For the diligent employee, you can take advantage of the work mode so you can toggle on-off apps and notifications so you won’t be tempted to work when it’s time for rest and play.

The Moto X Pure Edition’s performance is improved on Nougat. Cellular data usage is reduced with the Data saver feature. There’s the Doze-on-the-Go and Doze mode that bring your phone into lower power usage when the screen is off. This Android 7.0 update also adds the just-in-time compiler to improve runtime device performance. This feature can make the system or app updates faster because the required storage space is already reduced.

Other improvements include the following: Notification direct reply, Bundled notifications, Notification controls, Custom quick settings, Quick settings bar, Settings suggestions, Lock screen wallpaper, System backup coverage, New and updated emoji, plus Emergency information.

SOURCE: Lenovo