Aside from being available in Moto Maker, the Moto X Pure Edition (2015) is also ready on Verizon. Well, it should be ready soon but unfortunately, there are some errors encountered on the network. This seems to be temporary but if you’ve been waiting for the smartphone and are in a hurry, sorry, but you won’t be able to get one soon. Pre-orders started last September 2 so a lot of people are only expecting for their units to be delivered.

No official statement has been made yet by Verizon but people are taking their disappointment to Reddit, saying that the Big Red is not activating the Moto X Pure for some reason. The hardware identified called the IMEI can’t be found by the carrier according to recent reports and Verizon is already working to fix the issue. It’s only temporary so no need to panic if you want the Pure Edition form Verizon. Phone should be activated and fully read two days from now according to a spokesperson of the carrier.

The Moto X Pure edition costs $399 carrier-free. Of course, you sill need to choose a network for the phone to work but you have to wait if you really want Verizon. According to some reports though, activating the phone on T-Mobile and AT&T isn’t a problem. It can be frustrating for Verizon fans but there is a work around. We’re sure of that. Some Verizon employees just don’t know to address issue.

VIA: Engadget