Motorola already has a rather unique setup with the Moto X, specifically, with the Moto Maker side which allows users to customize their handset. And while many look towards the web and are starting to move away from print, Motorola has stepped up with a show of just how interesting a print advertisement can be. This one will be found in the January issue of Wired and is interactive.

The Moto X Wired advertisement will be full page and showing the back of the handset and several color options. The phone will be sitting centered on the page with the back showing. The interactive portion comes in with those colors. Motorola has a row of colors sitting along the bottom of the page and they will allow readers to change the color of the phone in the advertisement.

Motorola has recently dropped a short YouTube video showing off the ad. They refer to this as being a “print experience like no other” and while they do not spill all the specifics on how this works, they do show the need to pull a tab to get it working for the first time. The tab pulls out from the row of colors. They also give a brief look at the internals for this.

Simply put, this isn’t your basic print advertisement and does contain some electronics and wires. Perhaps not as surprising, it appears the hardware required to put this together is still on the minimal side. Anyway, the advertisement will be running in the January issue of Wired. The catch with that, it doesn’t seem this will be running in each and every issue sold.

In fact, according to Mashable, Wired will have this Motorola advertisement available for roughly a quarter of the readers. There was mention of this being distributed in 153,490 magazines that will appear in the New York and Chicago metro areas. On the positive side, this issue should begin appearing this week.