Yes, you heard it right. Motorola is doing another discount for its Moto X flagship. This time, it’s the 32 GB model’s turn to get a price cut, which will be sold with a considerable $100 discount starting Wednesday.

This isn’t the first time the Moto X went on sale. Usually Motorola would time such promos during holidays or special occasions, though the company has shown that it needs neither rhyme nor reason to do so. This time, the excuse is that you need to save money during summer time. Our instincts tell us it won’t be the last Moto X sale. At least, not until it goes into a permanent price cut to make way for the next Motorola flagship, a.k.a. the Moto X+1. Usually, price cuts and sales have become indicators of a new device line up, but given how many times Motorola has done something like this, that’s not a reliable sign anymore in this case.

In any case, Motorola is putting the 32 GB and only the 32 GB Moto X up for grabs for only $349.99. Whereas you would usually get the Moto X at $449 from various carriers, this model will come completely unlocked, Definitely not a bad deal if you’ve so far been holding off on getting one for yourself. Throw in $25 from what you’ve saved and you get to have a wood back cover as well. The sale will start June 4 at 12:00 A.M. ET and will last all the way up to June 5 only.

Usually we mention that sales like this might be a good chance to grab a device you’ve been pining for, and this might even be truer for the Moto X. Change is afoot, now that the former Google subsidiary is owned by Lenovo. Just recently, Google formally acknowledge that it will be shutting down the Texas factory that was the American pride of Motorola’s Moto X spiel. Although the powers that be promise that nothing will change as far as Moto Maker is concerned, that may not remain true in the future and we may very well be seeing the last vestiges of a custom made Moto X smartphone for the US.