For you tinkerers and developers out there, the Moto X Developer Edition is back! With an unlockable bootloader and a solid Motorola build, the device meant for testing is once again available for those who need it.

Two versions are available: a GSM variant, and a Verizon device. The GSM phone works on T-Mobile or AT&T, while the Verizon version is locked into their CDMA network. The Verizon phone comes with a SIM, while the GSM version doesn’t. Both come in the familiar Google-y white back/black front developer dress (think Nexus 7 2012 from I/O), which is Motorola perhaps showing more signs of a little Google influence.

Both come with 32GB memory, and that delightful woven back in white. Developer Edition is also digitally printed on the back, which is special because Motorola famously shied away from doing that on custom devices at the last minute. Motorola tells us they weren’t happy with the quality of digital printing on some materials, which is what caused them to halt the custom message on the phones from making it into the final custom design layout, but it seems the standard woven back is no problem.

If you’re planning on picking one up, they’ll both run you $649. Motorola also notes that unlocking the bootloader will void any warranty and could “harm your device”. Of course, that depends what you do after unlocking the bootloader, so proceed with caution!

You can pick one up via the Moto X site, but you may need patience as well as a few hundred bucks. Motorola notes it could take up to a week to see yours ship, as demand is clearly really high for the new darling of the Android universe.

VIA: Google+

SOURCE: Motorola