When Google and Motorola announced the new Moto X smartphone and all the custom features many were extremely excited. Being able to customize a smartphone, have it built in the USA (Murica) and delivered to your door all in 4 days was their promise. Last week we confirmed the shipping times might be slightly delayed, due to demand, but will get to that 4-day mark soon.

Well, today we can officially confirm that customized Moto X smartphones ordered from AT&T and Motorola’s Moto Maker site have officially been delayed a bit. They’re available as we speak for both new customers, upgrades, and to buy outright, but shipping has slipped to double their initial estimates.

Going through the process over on Moto Maker and customizing your beautiful new smartphone is a breeze, and it will still be built and assembled in the USA and delivered right to your doorstep. However, at the time of writing this the shipping times are currently 8 days out, and that could push further back now that they’ve fully opened the site this afternoon.


Motorola warned us that high demand might cause initial delays and slipping in ship times, but after they improve the process and iron out the kinks they state the 4-day shipping and delivery promise will be met. Hopefully once everything starts rolling smooth they’ll give us back the option for custom engravings too. Oh, and as a reminder, these customization options will arrive later this year for Verizon Wireless customers, so get excited.