At this point Motorola and Google aren’t giving away too many details on their upcoming smartphone the Moto X. Aside from multiple details being leaked as of late, all we have is Motorola revealing the new sign-up page this morning. While confirming they’ll be customizable and handcrafted right here in the US. We don’t know to what extend that will be. Thanks to the leaked photo below and details from ABC News, we know they’ll be highly customizable.

What has just appeared this afternoon is the photo you see above. Showing the already familiar backplate of the upcoming Moto X in some rather unique colors. This isn’t your typical black, white, blue, or even silver. While Motorola will likely offer all of those “normal” colors, this leak reveals a more colorful plan. With fluorescent bright colors in teal, red, and purple.

So far we know the device will obviously have tons of customization options, but we’re not sure if this will be manufacturer side-only, or if customers can do so as well. Will we choose the color while ordering the device, and that’s that? Or can we buy additional colors to suit our needs, personality, and mood for that week? Who knows. That would also mean the back would be removable (if true) and the battery as well. Which is doubtful given both Motorola and Google’s recent phone releases.


With the leaked photo today, things are about to get interesting as more and more details flood in. Speaking of more details, ABC News sources gave us all sorts of information today. Claiming custom colors, trim, engravings (think iPod engravings) custom wallpapers and color themes and more all out of the box. As in Motorola will set it up, and deliver a finished and customized device with a wallpaper the user uploads while purchasing and customizing the device online.

ABC also states the Moto X will ship with Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean (but we’re hoping for 4.3) and the specs still sound the same as we’ve been hearing. That being a 4.7-inch 720p display, a Snapdragon processor (hoping for a quad-core) 2GB of RAM, 16GB of storage and more. Our tipster confirms they will offer at least 16 different color variations, and much more.

Motorola appears to be going all out here, as does Google, and we’ll have to wait and see. Now we’ll just need to see the actual device again, confirm the specs for real, and get a release date. Who likes the idea of complete customization of your smartphone, before you ever get it?

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