We’ve different experiments and antics that try to test the resilience of mobile devices, but sometimes the true tests lie not in controlled settings but in real-world accidents. And as a certain Digital Dragon from Google+ discovered, the Moto X seems pretty capable of performing with grace under fire. Literally.

The exact sequence of events that lead to this otherwise horrifying incident wasn’t fully recounted. Only a mention of a campfire, which should be more than enough to spark the imagination, pun unintended. According to Digital Dragon, the Moto X was pulled out of the flames still on fire. But lo and behold, the smartphone still booted up and worked as normal. Of course, presumably after the fire was put out.


The owner was definitely lucky. The rear cover, of course made of wood, bears the traumatic scars of the scorching brush with death. That would have been the least of his worries however. Fires and batteries make for an even more lethal combination. Not just for the phone but for anyone unfortunate enough to be holding it at the moment of combustion. There is sage wisdom in most stress tests staying away from playing with fire.

That said, it is indeed impressive testament to the Moto X’s build, but one that should not be attempted again. Hopefully the Moto X+1 will likewise be tough, but hopefully no one will have to go through that same incident just to find out.