Motorola has already mentioned they were working on a lower-priced version of the Moto X. This isn’t one that would be available everywhere and instead would be heading towards developing markets. We have yet to see specifics from Motorola, however a recent image leak is offering what may be a first look. Well, a first look at the back cover.

Sticking with the various available colors (for those choosing the Moto Maker route), this budget-priced Moto X may have a back cover that is swappable. And to further that, a back cover that is available in a variety of colors. This keeps with the Moto X concept of being customizable, but in a simple form.

The image, seen below, appears to be on the up and up. Of course, there are some potential issues with these back covers. To begin with, the speaker grill is on the wrong side of the camera lens. As many are likely familiar with, the currently available Moto X has the speaker grill sitting on the right side. Possibly less important, but the speaker grill itself also appears to have less in terms of rows of holes.


Other items worth mentioning include how these newly discovered back cover plates appear to be slightly different in terms of shape. That could be the angle the picture was taken, but it doesn’t look quite as rounded. There is also no microphone hole, which on the currently available Moto X, is sitting down towards the bottom of the phone.

Anyway, as mentioned, Motorola is working on a version of the Moto X for developing markets. Details of this were revealed in an interview that CNET did with Motorola CEO Dennis Woodside. At the time Woodside spoke about how they would have a “less expensive” handset that would be “designed and priced” for markets where phone subsidies aren’t considered.

That brings the question as to whether these back covers are simple fakes or whether Motorola will be changing the design a bit.

VIA: G for Games