There has been talk of camera improvements coming for Moto X users and it looks like that has been confirmed by way of a recent leak. XDA forum member jimmydafish has posted fastboot files that were pulled from an Android 4.3 test build for the Moto X. These files are available for download, however we would advise against installing them just yet.

According to details coming from the posting, it was said these files are “definitely from a test build.” Further comments point towards a camera that “does seem to be improved” and also that this build appears to be sluggish as compared to the currently available Android 4.2.2 build. Then again, this is said to be a test build so the bit about it having some issues comes with less in terms of surprise.

Bottom line here, it looks like Moto X users can expect to see some camera related improvements when Android 4.3 arrives. Unfortunately though, this leak doesn’t put us any closer to knowing when Motorola plans to begin updating the Moto X to 4.3. That all aside, the files from this leak have all been put together in a single zip file for those ready to do a bit of playing.

Those feeling adventurous should make sure their handsets and data is backed up before they begin. Plus, in order to move forward your Moto X bootloader will need to be unlocked. Assuming you are already unlocked and ready to begin playing, that zip file along with directions for Windows users can be found in the XDA posting.