Just moments ago we shared some details on how users can root their brand new LG G2 smartphones on Verizon and AT&T, and now we have similar news for you Motorola fans. The brand new DROID ULTRA, MAXX, and Mini on Verizon Wireless have all been rooted, and the same method applies to the Moto X as well.

Not only is this method dead simple, and one of the easiest around, but it works on all of these Motorola devices. You won’t need to have hacking and ADB skills, nor will you need to click any weird programs on your computer. This is all done by a very simple root app that’s readily available from the Google Play Store.

Thanks to Justin Case, a popular hacker, we have root for all of the above mentioned phones. He does specifically state this will break or cause problems to any device that isn’t a recommended device, so many sure your smartphone is compatible first. All of the details and device-specific links can be found in this XDA thread, as well as the AndroidPolice link at the bottom of the page. Alternatively, here’s a nice video from DroidModderX.

It’s simple. Install the app for your smartphone from the Play Store, run it, reboot, and then you’ll be rooted and able to head to the Play Store and get SuperSU or the root access app of your choice. One downside is the rooting app will need to stay installed, but we doubt many of you will complain about that. Oh and if you’re curious, there’s an unroot method included as well. Hurray. Proceed at your own risk, and enjoy the gift of root access.

VIA: AndroidPolice