Motorola RAZR Amazon

Last week, we told you about Amazon’s short note on a product listing on the website. The top e-commerce company said the Motorola RAZR is brand new even if it may show fingerprints. Motorola also changed the position of the foldable phone inside the box as it is now folded. Previously, it was standing up and unfolded. Nothing has changed on the packaging but the update has been made to ensure the device is well-protected during shipping and arrival.

According to Amazon, the RAZR is brand new even if there are fingerprints on the device. There was no explanation as to why there are fingerprints but we can assume the box is being opened before shipping out.

There’s another note we didn’t mention but was shared by our source. The Moto Razr is now described to be opened and then folded. Amazon has apologized for those fingerprints.

Read the official note below:

NOTE: originally, RAZR was meant to be shipped in the unfolded position. However, to better protect the display, we have folded your RAZR – it’s safer but may not look as elegant as we hoped. We apologize if you see fingerprints on your device. We assure you your RAZR is brand new.

When Motorola was asked about the note by Amazon, the company immediately replied and sent out this statement:

Motorola is packaging the new razr in its closed form at the factory level. Once the device leaves our facilities it is not reopened. Motorola places strict requirements on handling with gloves and sanitation procedures along with shipping protocols aimed at providing a great out of box experience. As with all products, we’ll continue to closely monitor and make additional adjustments as needed to give the best consumer experience.

Motorola is saying the boxes should not be opened. The phones are brand new. This means the fingerprints are from Amazon employees. Perhaps it is not clear what Motorola is doing. Apparently, it has changed the way it’s packaging the Razr phone. Instead of unfolded, it is now folded.

We understand the adjustment but not many people are happy with it. Some buyers are saying the phone doesn’t look brand new at all. There is not even a protector film.

This may not be Motorola’s doing but the sellers. Still, Motorola must ensure there is proper sanitation and the process of packaging is strictly followed. If the phones are handled with gloves, then we won’t have to see fingerprints, right?