The Moto X design studio simply named Moto Maker is nothing new, and you should all know plenty about it by now. Being able to completely customize your new AT&T Moto X smartphone. Well, until today you could only order a phone in select AT&T stores (on-contract) and then proceed to the design studio, but today it’s open to the public and we also have full retail pricing.

The Moto Maker site is open for anyone and everyone to design their own custom Moto X. All those pretty color variations for the backplate, different colors on the front, accents, and even your wallpaper and boot-up message. Sadly we still don’t have engravings, but that is coming soon.

You can now head right to the Moto Maker site and get started whether you’re upgrading to the X on AT&T and signing a new contract, or they’ll let you buy it outright and custom order your own for $579 off contract. So it appears the full retail pricing for a custom X on AT&T is $579. I wonder what Google will ask for it when it arrives on the Play Store, if it ever does.

Screen Shot 2013-08-27 at 12.11.19 PM

Moto is saying we’re all welcome to Design, Share, and Ship the Moto X with a brand new blog post this afternoon. I still think that sexy blue with white accents is the color for me, but we’d love to hear what you’d choose yourself in the comments below. Oh, and for those on T-Mobile. You can buy an AT&T model off-contract and customize it, then just unlock it for T-Mobile and still enjoy LTE. But we didn’t tell you that.

Who is getting a custom Moto X this week? More details on the device can be found from our full Moto X Review.