When Motorola unveiled the new Moto X earlier this month, the mostly positive reviews have fuelled the anticipation for when it will actually be available for purchase. Some folks over in Europe who are looking forward to having it should be even more excited with this new announcement from Motorola. The Moto Maker is now live for France, Germany and the UK, even though their new flagship will not be available yet for the said region.

Almost at the same time that the Moto Maker for the new Moto X became live in the US, the OEM has also made the site available for those living in France, Germany and the UK. They can now build their own new Moto X by choosing their own colors, materials, memory size (16GB or 32GB) and adding a custom engraving if they want to. However, the buy button is still conspicuously absent since the new device is still not available for European countries. In the UK, the design you make will be emailed to you and when the time comes that it will be available, you can just retrieve it and finally order it for yourself.

The new Moto X has been making waves for Motorola, as it is a better upgrade on the already good enough previous model. It has a 5.2-inch screen with a 1080p resolution and runs on a 2.5 GHz quad-core Snapdragon 801 with a 2GB RAM. Software wise, it is also pretty neat, with its Moto Voice (formerly known as Touchless Control) allowing users to set your own personalised voice prompts. It can also post messages and statuses on most apps including Facebook, WhatsApp, without you having to touch your phone.

Prices for the new Moto X may vary per country. In the UK, it’s £419.99 (around $682), which already includes taxes and shipping. For Germany, it starts at around €529 which is roughly $679. If you live in any of the three countries mentioned, you can access Moto Maker through the following links:



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