The Moto X has been available with Republic Wireless for quite a while now. The handset launched with the carrier back in November, but up until this point that has only included the basic Moto X. Things will be changing tomorrow when Republic Wireless will be offering Moto Maker customized models. The Republic Wireless Moto Maker launch will take place on April 1st and include 16GB and 32GB models.

The initial launch will take place at 12:00 PM EST and those looking to make a purchase can expect to pay $349.99 (16GB) or $399.99 (32GB). Those who may have been considering a regular Moto X with Republic Wireless will likely realize these Moto Makers will come at a premium. The regular model, available in black or white and with 16GB of storage sits priced at $299.

In terms of the Moto Maker launch, this will include the basic options in terms of front, back and accent colors — as well as the wooden backs. To that point, Republic Wireless will be offering a launch promotion giving those interested in the wood a $25 discount. In order to take advantage of the promo offer you will need to be one of the first 2,000 customers.

Or in simpler terms, those looking for the $25 credit will need to visit at 11:00 AM EST to register with their email address to get a coupon code. Aside from the additional support for Moto Maker, the plans remain the same and begin at just $5 per month for unlimited talk, text and data on WiFi.

Republic Wireless plan prices then increase to $10, $25 and $40 per month depending on how much cellular coverage you want and/or need. The $10 plan adds unlimited talk and text on cellular, the $25 plan includes unlimited 3G and the $40 plan includes unlimited 4G.