Three Motorola smartphones are getting a taste of the Oreo. Android 8.1 is now available for the Moto G5 and Moto G5 Plus, while the Moto Z2 Play on Verizon is getting Android 8.0. Verizon Wireless has posted a support overview for the moto z2 play. The software update mainly brings the major Android Oreo features, as well as, the latest Android Security Patch level, enhanced Wi-Fi connectivity, improved management of cached data, adaptive icons, Bluetooth audio, and smart text selection among others.

The Motorola Moto Z2 Play will be updated to Software Version ODS27.76-12-42 with 2018-09-01 Android Security Patch Level. For those using a non-Verizon SIM, the update improves the system as you don’t have the restart the phone when changing into a Verizon SIM.

Picture in Picture (PIP) is now included so you can take advantage of a split-screen window and use two apps at once. The Autofill framework lets you use the Moto Key for a set function or information. The smart text selection recommends relevant apps or actions that you may be doing next. Adaptive icons are also present as multi-shape app icons.

When it comes to device performance, notice the apps run smoother and faster. High-quality Bluetooth audio codecs deliver better audio over wireless connectivity. Android Oreo also improves on battery and memory optimization.

Android Oreo offers memory optimization and battery improvement as made possible by some background restrictions. The Doze power saving feature makes it possible for the phone to limit those apps checking updates in the background, accessing data, and scanning for WiFi connection.

Other improvements include Incoming Call, Locked Mode, “Unread” badges on home screen icons, Notification channels, Snooze notifications, notification bar, and Themed Notifications based on music cover art.

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