Moto G4 Play Android Nougat

Another member of the Moto G4 family is about to receive the Nougat update. After the Moto G4 and Moto G4 Plus got the new Android version last month, the G4 Play will soon get a taste of the chunky treat. It was the last G4 variant to be released last year so we’re not surprised why it’s also late in getting the upgrade.

Android Nougat and the Moto G4 Play were both introduced in August but we had to wait for a few months before Android 7.0 is ready on the device. We know there are some testings to be done but we were hoping not this long. We’re just glad to know it’s already under development and under testing according to a spokesperson from Lenovo who shared that Moto G4 Play will have Android Nougat in June, at least, those in the US.

We’re always tempted to ask what’s causing manufacturers the delay in release of such OS updates. The G4 Play is very close to the G4 and G4 Plus so it should be easy. We’re assuming it should be easier but we all know that is not always the case especially with Nougat.

No need to ask or wonder when your Moto G4 Play will get the Android Nougat update. It’s coming so just wait and see.

VIA: Android Authority



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