A header on the Motorola website was changed today, but has since been reverted to the previous version. The update, which saw the Moto G make a brief appearance, has since gone away. there was no other info, but even with a brief encounter, we learn quite a bit.

The change was noticed by DroidLife, and was promptly removed, suggesting there is work going on and it simply slipped out. Sitting alongside the Moto X, we’d like to think it means the Moto G will be a wholly different device, not a lower-specced Moto X as some have suggested. We’ve seen the Moto G slip through the FCC, but aesthetically, we’re still not sure what we’ll get.

It was also rumored that the Moto G could be an accessory, but there is already an accessory header on the Motorola page. The G sitting to the left of the Moto X may mean it’s the lower cost device we know Motorola will introduce at some point, or just the newest device in the lineup. Different OEMs have different methods for arranging their site (HTC, for instance, puts the newest device first, like a timeline).

Unless Motorola is just doing some light trolling, as there parent company has been doing lately, the Moto G may be coming soon. It could be that the Moto G is the Play Store phone many have hoped Motorola will release soon, and they’re prepping it for a “go live” during the Nexus announcement — whenever that is.