One of the few complaints about the Moto G comes with the lack of LTE connectivity. Regardless of carrier model, or whether you are sporting the Google Play edition model, the Moto G does not offer LTE. And while we have yet to see anything from Motorola that would suggest otherwise, a recently discovered FCC filing does bring a bit of hope.

This particular filing highlights a handset sporting an FCC ID number of IHDT56PG1. Unfortunately there isn’t much that can be deciphered from that. A bit more interesting though, there was mention of WCDMA support on the 850/1700/1900MHz bands and LTE support for bands 2, 4, 5, and 17. Basically, this could be a device headed to AT&T and/or T-Mobile.


As we often find with FCC filings, there wasn’t much in the way of spec related details. In this case there was talk of the basics to include WiFi 802.11 b/g/n and Bluetooth 4.0. The connection to the Moto G is on the lighter side, and admittedly, does involve quite a bit of speculation and hope.

This filing also brings mention of SNN5932A in regards to the battery, which is what was used with the currently available Moto G. For reference, that is the 3.8V, 2010 mAh, Li-Polymer battery. Bottom line here, this just gives an interesting possibility for the second-generation Moto G.

VIA: reddit, The Droid Guy



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