Motorola already offers a fairly clean Android experience on the Moto G. Not to mention, they have also proven quick on the updates. But while those points both add up for a solid experience for Moto G users, it seems there is a group that would have preferred the Google Play edition. The GPe Moto G arrived in mid-January and is available from the Google Play Store. That may be good news for those who have yet to make a purchase, however it doesn’t necessarily help those who had previously made a Moto G purchase.

Well, thanks to a recent thread on the xda-developers forums — it seems those with a regular carrier model Moto G can now get the GPe experience. XDA senior member alonsoch released something called MotoTool All In One (AIO). This program does things such as flash the stock, CWM and TWRP recoveries. But there is a bit more involved here.


The MotoTool All In One program will allow users to convert a regular Moto G to a GPe Moto G. Other options for non-GPe devices include Kit Kat and Jelly Bean, as well as tools that install drivers, fix the boot logo and Push SU 2SD. Those looking to convert their handset should look for the “GPE Device” tab though as this is where the “Convert” button is found.

The process appears to be fairly simple and to the point. Before you hook this up and click the convert button though, you will need to have the GPe firmware downloaded and sitting on your computer. Otherwise, the usual warnings are all in place here. That is to say you should only do this if you are comfortable messing around with your phone. You should also note that things can, and sometimes do go wrong.

VIA: xda-developers