The Moto G is set for release this Wednesday in Brazil, but some interesting information has been finding its way out ahead of the launch. Motorola has set an announcement date, but we may have seen a clue as to when it will be widely available for order. There are also benchmark results that could tell us a lot more about how it performs, as well as some info about what version of Android it will be running on.

GFXBench has come through with benchmark results for a Motorola XT1032, which we already know is the Moto G. The screen size on the tested device is 1196 x 720, which probably puts it right around 4.5-inches. We also see that the Moto G will be powered by a 1.2GHz Qualcom processor, and sport an Adreno 305 GPU.

We also see that both Android 4.3 and 4.4 have been tested, with 4.3 appearing to be the stock variant Motorola will run with. It also looks like Android 4.4 was simply a test, and could see a rollout later on, probably with the update for the Moto X. Both are listed under release, though, so we’re not quite sure on which direction they’ll go.

We also see mention of GPE in both the fingerprint and display language, suggesting at least one of the tested variants could make their way to the Play Store as a Google Play Edition device. We’ve long asked for a lower-end, near stock variant of Android. The Moto G may be just what we’re looking for, too. As the Moto X exhibits, contextual info is much more important to most users than a spec-heavy device. A lower-end device that can keep up with Google Now is an interesting option we’d like to see.


There is also news that an Amazon listing for the Moto G popped up, but was quickly removed. In the UK, Amazon briefly had a listing for the Moto G, but it was listed as the Moto DVX/XT1032. The product description had Moto G listed, but the pricing was of more interest. Listing at £159.99, the Moto G would run us around $250 in the US. That, coupled with Play Store availability, makes for a very interesting device.

We’re anxiously anticipating Wednesday, and the official announcement, but all signs point to a true, mid-range monster of a device. If specs and pricing hold to what we think they will, the Moto G has the makings of a widespread winner. A listing on Amazon UK also suggests a worldwide rollout, making it that much more interesting as we head ingot he holiday shopping season.